-Taller en inglés por Bárbara Lindsay-

Próximamente Julio 2020


"The Basics of Dramatic Storytelling"

Taller semanal de 24 horas de duración. Se entregará certificado. Curso impartido en inglés.

Impartido por Bárbara Lindsay.

Playwrighting: The Basics of Dramatic Storytelling - It focuses on the basics of dramatic writing: structure, plot, conflict, character, dialogue, style and tone. There are weekly exercises to explore, inspire, and stimulate each participant's unique creative voice in a safe, enlivened atmosphere. The sharing of weekly writing is encouraged but not mandatory.

By the end of the course, participants will either have completed a short play or begun a full length play.


¿A QUIEN VA DIRIGIDO? -This course is designed for anyone of any skill level who wants to write plays.

Advanced English required.

  • The Basics
    Time, location, setting, characters, conflict, dialogue, plot structure, transformation.
  • Character Development
    How to create richly drawn, fully realized characters, character biographies, motivation.

  • Dialogue and Style
    Developing distinctive voices for each character, what to say, what to show in behavior.
    Experimenting with different styles and tones.

  • Finer Tuning
    Exploring theme and transformation, confronting writers block, as well as whatever topics the participants want to address.


Instructora: Barbara Lindsay

Barbara has been a playwright and writing teacher for more than 30 years. Her first full length play, FREE, won the NY Drama League's 1989 Playwrighting Competition and was given its premiere production in London in 1991. Since then there have been more than 400 national and international productions of her plays and monologues. Her full length play I-2195 won the Women’s Playwrighting Award at UM St. Louis and was produced there in Nov. 2005. Her short play HERE TO SERVE YOU won the 2008 Peace Play Prize awarded by Goshen College, IN. In 2011 she was Playwright-in-Residence for New Voices for the Theater, a two-week playwriting intensive for teens produced annually by SPARC (School of the Performing Arts in the Richmond Community) in VA. Barbara has taught creative writing classes in Los Angeles, Seattle, Bakersfield, and West Virginia.


Plazas:12 alumnos
Hrs/Total:8 clases x 3hrs = 24 hrs, aproximadamente.
Horario:de 20:00 - 23:00h.